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We’re here to help you handle the unexpected. Our experienced counselors will assist you in exploring your options so that you can make the best decision for you. We offer both pregnancy counseling services and adoption services free of cost for expectant mothers. No matter what you decide, we’re by your side to help however we can.

Pregnancy Counseling Services 

Caring Choices provides free, confidential pregnancy counseling in a caring, supportive, and nurturing environment. Our counselors will compassionately listen to your concerns and review your various options so that you can be fully informed and decide on the best path forward.  

Parenting Assistance Services

Caring Choices provides continued education classes and referrals to community resources for new parents to help them stay on their feet. We also provide baby items like diapers, bottles and more. In addition, our counselors are available for continued emotional support post-birth.

Adoption Services

Caring Choices provides support and counseling to all parties in the adoption process, including education, guidance, referral, home studies (domestic and international), placement, and post-placement supervision. Our counselors act as liaison between birth parents and adoptive parents, providing photo updates as well as visits if requested. And, we offer financial assistance to birth mothers for up to six weeks postpartum. 

As an informational service, our team also provides post-adoption information and search services for any birth families and adoptive families.

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